"All About Jesus": The Two-Hour Attender Challenge

As your pastor, I want to encourage (and challenge) you to consider becoming a “Two-Hour Attender” on Sunday mornings beginning August 20th (next Sunday) with the purpose of strengthening your discipleship and connecting with community or finding an area of ministry to serve.

Our entire focus of discipleship this Fall is built around “It’s All About Jesus”. Next week, I begin a new teaching series in the pulpit with the Gospel of John -- exploring who Jesus was and why it matters. The Church Wide Studied entitled “Christianity Explored” also begins the week of August 20 for our Life Groups, a study which is deep enough to engage Christians, seekers, and skeptics alike. Alongside thoughtful videos asking “big life” questions, the study also looks at the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.  

This fall, TWC is beyond blessed to count two seminary-trained pastoral leaders to teach at our Christian education hours. Our two main classes – featuring plenty of dialogue and discussion – will also focus on the life and person of Jesus.  At 9:00 am, Rev. Julianne Whipple will be exploring the Gospel of Luke (Seminar Room) while Rev. Tom Mayo will be guiding us through the Gospel of Matthew at 10:30 am (Seminar Room). 

Thus, you will be hearing about the life and teachings of Jesus from the pulpit, in Life Groups, and during the Christian education hours!  Hopefully, you can read at home or in your personal devotions the remaining gospel you don’t have the privilege of studying in a group!  The aim is for us to be re-focusing our lives, our families, and our church around a robust, biblical vision of the person of Jesus.  After all, Jesus was the greatest human being who ever lived.   A fresh vision of Jesus enlarges our capacity for contagious joy, life-giving love, and compassionate service.  Recovering a fresh vision of his life and teachings is indispensable for leading a purposeful existence and following God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Consider becoming a “Two-Hour Attender” by worshiping with your family before splitting off to deepen discipleship (head and heart) during the Christian education hour – a time which is for children, youth, and adults alike.   

I’m a pastor who smiles at seeing families attending worship services together! This healthy routine and practice lays the indispensable ground-work for the life of faith to continue into young adulthood as students “graduate” from youth ministries.  Let us never think that worship services are “adult-only” territory; children and students are not only welcomed but enthusiastically invited to participate in all facets of the life, worship, and work of Trinity Wellsprings Church!

Become a “Two-Hour Attender”:  Attend a worship service (with the family if you got one!) and dive into the Gospel of Luke (9:00) or the Gospel of Matthew (11:00).  I personally believe children 7-8 years old (some a bit younger/some a bit older) are fully capable of sitting through a worship service. Of the 168 hours in a week, consider giving two hours to Sunday morning worship! 

Take up the challenge and be encouraged,

Pastor Jason Carter