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 A couple of interesting articles from the blogosphere.  Enjoy! (Click on the titles below to read the entire article.)

Some Thoughts on Thoughts and Prayers

  • "When we pray, our heart is softened to the needs of those around us. We become sensitive to the suffering of others, and often God plants within us ideas to act on our love for others. For Christians, prayer is the spring from which our love and mercy for others flows. Prayer is where we awaken to the needs of those around us—and to the specific calling God has given us to care for those needs."

Does Your Church Ever Make You Feel…Uncomfortable?

  • Consumeristic Christianity leads to diminishing returns: "The data seems to suggest that more people who leave their church for a noncentral issue go on to be dissatisfied with the next church they attend. Satisfaction with church does not necessarily result from our preferences being met."

  • "It should come as no surprise that younger Christians (millenials) -- who grew up with limitless consumer options -- are the least likely to say they are 'very satisfied' with church."

Jason Carter