Discipleship: A Three-Legged Stool


A couple weeks ago in our “Pillars of Ministry” teaching series, I indicated that discipleship is a three-legged stool comprised of the WORD OF GOD, RELATIONSHIP, and MINISTRY.

I even asked a few poignant questions to help us consider the comprehensive nature of the task:

  1. Are you a self-feeder of the Word of God? Are you increasing in your knowledge and ability to read, interpret, and apply the Word of God to your everyday life? Are you a self-feeder of the Word of God or do you outsource that task to others?

  2. Is the ethic of Jesus permeating your relationships? Is Christ increasingly making a difference in the quality, authenticity, and manner that you relate to others, especially those closest to you?

  3. What is the new calling that sends you forth into the world? Are we growing in our recognition that ministry is not for “graduate level Christians” but that we are all called to serve and to minister in ways that exercise our spiritual gifts and passions which in turn release Christ’s life and love and joy to others?

Discipleship is costly.  Discipleship is a life-long process.  Yet notice the words “growing” and “increasing” in the above questions. We are all works in progress, and none of us have arrived!  Part of the beauty of discipleship is that God uses the community of faith to teach us, sharpen us, and encourage us in our walk of faith.  Part of the joy of discipleship is that it overflows into mission as we take the gospel to our hurting world.

Grateful to be with you on this journey of discipleship,
Pastor Jason Carter
Lead Pastor

Jason Carter