TWC Bookstore


“A growing Christian is often a reading Christian.” I generally stand by this axiom even though I understand that God gloriously and distinctly wires us all in radically different ways.  My cup of tea may not be yours, so to speak. Nevertheless, I have seen over the years that disciples who engage with Christian writers of the past and present are often afforded a depth of perspective in matters of faith, wisdom, prayer, and suffering as well as a sharpness of mind and a softness of heart to apply the Scripture to their daily lives. We always live out the Christian life in community, yet there is something healthy and happy – yes, even exciting – that happens when a disciple of Jesus Christ begins to include authors as part of their pilgrimage of faith. Good Christian books launch us into the deep waters of faith in a few hours that even the best of sermons – typically consisting of a few minutes – can never achieve.

As you came into worship today, you may have noticed the “TWC Bookstore” lined with rows of books in various categories. These books are marked with a “suggested donation amount”.  Hopefully, you will find a person manning the Resource Center that will take cash or make change between worship services on Sunday.  Let me highlight a few books at our TWC Bookstore:

Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home (Richard Foster) is a modern-day classic book on prayer. I highly recommend it for an entry into discussing prayer.

Marriage: The Meaning of Marriage (Tim Keller) and What did you Expect? (Paul Tripp). We can all use a “marriage check-up” whether our marriage is “smooth sailing” or whether we in the midst of “experiencing turbulence”.

Families with young children will find three books particularly helpful in reading the Bible with young hearts: The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Biggest Story. My boys who love all things pertaining to Superheroes have loved reading through The Action Bible which have unbelievable drawings accompanied by a great storyline of the Bible. 

Overwhelmed by the busyness of life? Consider reading Crazy Busy (Kevin DeYoung). This is a great follow-up from our worship services today.

Grateful to be with you on the road to discipleship,

Pastor Jason

Jason Carter