Blog Tidbits for Nov. 2018

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Every once in a while, I link to a few blog posts worth reading from the blogosopher. Enjoy!

1) Good News for Modern Parents (The Gospel Coalition)

“Our world clamors to convince us that the goal of life is happiness. We’re constantly told, “Do whatever makes you happy; follow your heart.” When you ask modern parents what we want for our children, we respond in unison: “We just want them to be happy!”

… “But the good news of the Bible is that we—and our children—were made for more. Its opening chapters show that humans were made in our Maker’s image for a bigger purpose—to honor him by living well in his creation and doing good to his image-bearers.

It follows, then, that parenting isn’t about making our children feel happy all the time, but about helping them to know and live out their God-given purpose. And according to the experts, this approach is actually more likely to give them a sense of genuine satisfaction in the long run.”

2) 12 Gospel-Centered Books on Marriage (RPM Ministries)

Every year, I try to read a book on marriage. It’s good for me, and it’s good for my marriage. The blog post has some great recommendations for books on marriage.

3) Ask and You Shall Evangelize (The Gospel Coalition)

“Modern selves are so internal,” Keller said. “In the old days if you were convinced of the truth, you changed yourself. Now we adopt the truth as accessories that fit in with who we want to be.” …

“All you have to do is get him to speak back. People are only two ‘why?’ questions away from not having an answer. Just keep asking questions until they have no answer, and then say, ‘Hmm.’ At that moment, they’ll realize, ‘I’m not as well-thought as I thought I was.’”

So the new face of apologetics isn’t up on stage. It’s in a coffee shop or break room, sharing stories and saying “tell me why you think that” until the answers run out.

Jason Carter