The Joy of Confirmation

Confirmation Yes.jpg

These summer months, I’ve had the joy of leading our confirmation class of (mostly) incoming ninth graders every Sunday afternoon from 12:00-2:00.  It has truly been a joy to hear their thoughtful responses to my questions about the faith, as I often use the Socratic method of questioning and have been known (now and then) to play the devil’s advocate with them. Yet, to be a witness to the profound way they are thinking through the faith at a deep level and wrestling with weighty issues of life and Christianity has been so encouraging to me. 

This group of fourteen has been reading (What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert, The Case for Faith, Student Edition by Lee Strobel, and chapters of Presbyterian Beliefs by Donald McKim), memorizing (Lord’s Prayer, 10 Commandments, & the Apostle’s Creed), writing (a one-page statement of faith and their personal testimony), worshipping (filling out six “sermon evaluation forms”), getting mentored (by reading through the book of Philippians), and working through Bible readings on their own. 

My prayer and hope for these students is that they will look back at Confirmation and see one of the foundational pillars of faith has been laid for a life-time of loving Jesus and serving His church.  Like (every) adult, this group of young people is “still in process” in life and faith – and I hope they feel like I’ve given them permission to struggle and doubt and still be “in process” – yet as we put one faith step in front of the other, we begin to be slowly transformed into the image of Christ. 

August 12th is “Confirmation Sunday” – and I hope you will join me in praying for this class and offer encouragement to them along the way as they finish their confirmation class at TWC.

Many of us have also been praying for Randy Gerry, our new Director of Student Ministries and Community Engagement.  Continue to do so!  He got back Saturday (7/28) from the Mission Trip to North Carolina with the Senior High group and leaves tomorrow (7/30) with the Mid-High group for a Rec Camp in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Thankful to be with you on this journey of discipleship,

Pastor Jason

Jason Carter