On Being a Christian Man

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Recently, an out-of-state family asked me to write a short letter to their son turning thirteen about “what being a Christian man” really means.  This was my reply. 

Dear Jeremiah,

Being a Godly man means embracing the truth that “Life is relationship”.  A Christian man moves into relationships despite the pull of his work where he might feel more competent.   A Christian man moves into the chaos of relationships that are messy and where he might not feel adequate.  Instead of shying away from these relationships, he embraces them because of his anchor in the Triune God. 

A Christian man knows that he will struggle, but that God’s forgiveness and faithfulness reaches him even in the struggle.

A Christian man knows that he needs other men/guys in his life that are authentic and help him be the type of follower of Christ that he could never be without other men in his life.

A Christian man is a church man.  A Christian man says “yes” to service and leadership in the local church. Don’t try to be a Christian without an active involvement in a church as such a Christian man shouldn’t really exist. 

A Christian man says “yes” to solitude and silence – because silence and solitude are the soil from which prayer arises.  If your world is too noisy or busy, you will never grow deep roots in Christ who longs to hear from us in prayer.  Cultivate a prayer life and you cultivate a faithful friend in your Savior Jesus.

A Christian man is one who delights in the Word of God, even when it’s hard and even when it forces us to swim upstream against the cultural moments of our day.  God’s word is sufficient for the Christian man, and he knows that there are answers from God’s word for contentment and a Godly life.  

Finally, a Christian man knows that the “truest truth” about himself is that he is deeply loved by God.  That is a game-changer.  He moves out into the world and into other relationships knowing that he is a “beloved son” of the Father.  That colors everything – how he sees the world, how he sees himself, and how he sees his worth and value.  The love of God is his security. 

Peace to you,

Jason Carter

***If you need other men in your life, consider participating in “Men’s Fraternity” which meets at 6:00 am Saturday mornings in Fellowship Hall at Trinity Wellsprings Church.

Jason Carter