Salt & Light at TWC


Trinity Wellsprings Church,

Almost every week, I hear of risk-taking missional advances our church family is taking as we endeavor to become a true “Community Overflowing”.  I’ve heard of a new attender opening her home for a “Soup Night” (after getting the idea from a sermon illustration) while another family decided that “Taco Night” better suited their barrio/neighborhood.  We already have 18 sign-ups of Covenant Partners who will host Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts.  Bravo!

One Covenant Partner shared with staff that “Kingdom Meals with neighbors has resulted in a small home Bible Study at our house”. 

As a Session, we were talking again about our short-term vision in 2019 of being “Salt & Light” by practicing Radical Hospitality and sharing Gospel Encounters.

To give you a reminder, here’s the vision again: 

Radical Hospitality – What is a Kingdom Meal?  Hosting or eating a meal with folks who do not (yet!) have a church family. 

  • Goal for 2019:  Every Covenant Partner of TWC hosts two “Kingdom Meals” this calendar year to practice Radical Hospitality.

  • What to doPut a “Salt and Light stake” in the ground outside the main doors of the sanctuary. 

Gospel Encounter – What are Gospel Encounters?  Intentionally speaking the Good News of the Gospel, inviting people to serve our community with us, or inviting neighbors/friends we love to our church campus. 

  • Goal for 2019:  Every covenant Partner endeavors to have three “Gospel Encounters” for people in our community.

  • What to do:  Place a Gospel Encounter sticker on the wave display in the main lobby.

As a church family, we want to begin to share what is happening on the “Salt & Light” front in different pockets of our church family with the entire congregation! To that end, let me encourage you to fill out the Salt & Light testimonial card that appears in the pew backs this week or even drop me an email.

Remember: The Father loves you.  He’s crazy about you.  Now go get ‘em!

Pastor Jason Carter

Jason Carter