Worship: Supernatural, If Not Always Spectacular


“Worship gatherings are not always spectacular, but they are always supernatural. And if a church looks for or works for the spectacular, she may miss the supernatural. If a person enters a gathering to be wowed with something impressive, with a style that fits him just right, with an order of service and song selection designed just the right way, that person may miss the supernatural presence of God. Worship is supernatural whenever people come hungry to respond, react, and receive from God for who He is and what He has done. A church worshipping as a Creature of the Word doesn't show up to perform or be entertained; she comes desperate and needy, thirsty for grace, receiving from the Lord and the body of Christ, and then gratefully receiving what she needs as she offers her praise-the only proper response to the God who saves us.” (Matt Chandler, Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church)

It is difficult not to be a consumer in our day and age. We are raised from children to be careful consumers so that life works for us. Our every whim and desire are constantly being targeted by market researchers. We are accustomed to having it “our way”.  We deserve it! 

Yet this kind of mentality is catastrophic for our spiritual lives and typically brings dysfunction into the church. When consumerism hovers over our church experience, we expect the spectacular when we really should be looking for the supernatural. 

God placed a longing for his supernatural presence into our hearts, yet we are often content with much less – a spectacular experience that impresses us or entertains us.

We constantly need to check our motivations: to be sure we are sitting under the Word of God, engaging with God in worship. Consumerism kills worship. Consumerism blocks the pathway of our hearts to God’s heart.

Grateful to be with you on this journey of worshipping the Living God,

Pastor Jason

Jason Carter