Blog Tidbits for March 2018

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Here are two blog posts from the land of the blogosphere plus the Christian Satire of the Babylon Bee. Enoy!

What Your Kids Need From You

J.D. Greer writes: "One of the most helpful pieces of parenting advice I ever received was this: Be their dad, not their pastor. The pastor is always busy telling them what is wrong with them; a dad is just excited about who they are. You can’t force the affections of their heart to grow. Only the Holy Spirit can do that, and he does it in the security of unconditional love.

If you focus on your kids’ hearts and not their behavior, it’s going to change everything—including how you discipline, how you pray, and how you celebrate success."

The Evangelical Center After Billy Graham

This is a thoughtful historical look at the centrist Evangelicalism of mid-20th century which Billy Graham and John Stott helped forge.

Jake Meador writes: "By largely defining themselves relative to the Protestant groups to their left [mainline] and right [fundamentalists], they essentially acquired their key principles from the two wings—a high view of Scripture and the cross from the right and a concern for society and the intellect from the left. Thus the problem is not simply that the old right and left wings of Protestantism provided evangelicalism with its frame of reference; they also supplied it with its key principles, which were snatched out of their context from the other schools."

Back Pew Voted Best Spot in Church Fifth-Eighth Year in a Row

The Babylon Bee brings us the lost art of Christian satire:  "Over 92% of those polled stated that sitting in the very back pew is the perfect spot: far enough away that the pastor can’t effectively gaze into your soul, but close enough that you feel good about yourself for showing up unlike those heathens who are playing hooky."


Jason Carter